Montreal - Fertility Awareness training (natural birth control)

FERTILITY AWARENESS - Teaching Session in Montreal

LEARN the Symptothermal Method for...
- Better understanding of the menstrual cycle
- Better understanding of reproductive health
- Empowerment and self-knowledge
- Choice of an efficient* natural birth control
- ...Or better chance of conceiving naturally!

BECAUSE the Symptothermal Method is...
- Inexpensive
- Environmentally friendly
- Without any side effect
- Scientifically-based
- Efficient

*Risk of 0.4% in proper use- Trussell (2011), Contraception Journal

Location confirmed on registration.
Registration required:
Suggested voluntary donation of 50$:
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Serena Quebec is the only organization dedicated to natural fertility in Quebec. Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and supervised by consulting physicians, supported by a network of volunteers in several areas, the non-profit organization founded in 1955, specializing in the Symptothermal Method is offering information service, learning workshops, conferences and follow-ups on menstrual’s cycle health, natural contraception, natural conception, the return of fertility after birth and perimenopause.