A Different Kind of Contraception

Choosing to use the Symptothermal Method (STM) is choosing to do things differently…

This method allows a couple to share the responsibility of their contraception. Both parties can learn how to interpret the charts and understand what phase of fertility they are in. They may both decide to adopt a sexual behaviour consistent with their objective. The more a couple communicates and the more both parties are committed in the method has a positive effect on its effectiveness.

Zero waste and zero pollution

The Symptothermal Method is an eco-responsible choice. There are no hormonal by products being released in the environment, drinking water and water sources, generally. This method also produces much less physical waste. The only items needed for this method is the basal thermometer, that can be used for several years, if not more, and the charts. The charts can be filled in online or on paper. If paper charts are used, it is only 11-13 sheets of paper per year that can then be recycled or composted.


Exploring other types of sexual behaviour

In the fertile phase, couples wishing to avoid pregnancy must adapt their sexual behaviour accordingly. Any vaginal penetration even without ejaculation or ejaculating anywhere near the vulva risks pregnancy. The couple must then communicate together and adopt another way to explore their pleasure and their sexuality.

What about fertility tracking apps?

The Symptothermal Method enhances the connection with one’s own body, an understanding of what is happening during the hormonal changes. It empowers its users to have some control over their own reproductive health and fertility.

Regarding fertility tracking apps, the algorithms and interpretations are rigid and don't allow for or take into consideration any circumstantial exceptions that may arise. To rely on an app to provide predictions or to interpret the data automatically doesn’t allow the user to have full power and control over their choices. Being conscious of and using the knowledge acquired during a workshop is much more empowering and effective than relying on an app.

Certain apps available are simply “period tracking” apps and are based solely on calculations and the calendar/rhythm method (ie Ogino method). The predicted fertile phases and predicted days of menstruation are based on theoretical calculations without consideration of any variations in circumstance or hormones that may arise. Also with period tracking apps, there are no observations of daily signs of fertility and real time changes that may be happening in the cycle.