Who We Are ?

Founded in 1955, Serena Quebec is the only organization specializing in natural fertility in Quebec.

Recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, backed up by advising physicians, and supported by a network of accredited volunteers across the province, our non-profit organization has refined the Symptothermal Method. 

We offer:


Presidents: Sabrina Da Silva and Fabian A. BallasterosG.

Vice-President: Karine Gaudet

Treasurer: Véronique Gendron

Secretary: Léonie Houle-Parent

Administrator: Annick Lambert


Team Members

Medical Advisor: Dre Suzanne Parenteau

Medical Advisor: Fabian A. Ballasteros G. 

Director: Nathalie Grégoire Charette

Communications: Émilie Charron

Coordinator: Anne Watine Habib











Seréna Québec is part of the following organizations



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-Organization founded by Gilles and Rita Breault of Lachine, Quebec, Canada.

-Formation of the first teams of teaching couples. First teaching sessions of Natural Family Planning given in homes, from couple to couple.


-Organization formally named SERÉNA (SErvice de RÉgulation des NAissances). 

-The Symptothermal Method first taught publicly at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Hospital.


-Gilles and Rita Breault, along with Dr. C.A. Lanctôt from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sherbrooke, speak at a conference of American physicians in Washington, D.C.


-First grant received from the Quebec Ministry of the Family.


- Provincially incorporated on September 30 under the name Seréna Inc.

- Second grant is received from the Quebec Ministry of the Family. 

- Seréna is formally recognized as a registered charity by the Canada Revenue   Agency.


- First grant received from the Quebec Ministry of Education.

- Seréna participates in an international study led by Fairfield University of 1000 couples in five countries. Seréna provided access to 200 couples. The study resulted in a number of publications in Quebec and American medical journals. 


-First grant received from Health Canada, enabling the establishment of a Canadian secretariat and extending Quebec’s example to other provinces. 


-Participation in an international symposium on Natural Family Planning in Washington. Seréna’s advising physician, Dr. Suzanne Parenteau, attends with Dr C.A. Lanctôt.

-Participation in a research study led by Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero of Harvard University to determine if the sex of newborn babies is influenced by the timing of sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle.


-Participation in the first world conference of the International Federation for Family Life Promotion (IFFLP). Many Quebecers attend, speak, or serve as rapporteurs.


-Collaboration with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and the Blithe Centre of Sanitary and Medical Health in London, England to assess the value of a training program for volunteers to teach Natural Family Planning. 


-The World Health Organization and Ireland’s Department of Health invite Dr. Suzanne Parenteau to attend an international colloquium on Natural Family Planning. 


-Denise Desmarteaux presents her sociology dissertation at the University of Montreal entitled “Models of Birth Control: Values and Conjugal Roles among Quebec Couples” (Modèles de régulation des naissances : valeurs et rôle conjugaux chez les couples québécois). Many couples who used the Symptothermal Method took part in her study.

-Commencement of a study on Bioself 100 and Bioself 101 in support of Natural Family Planning.


-Commencement of a scientific study on the viability of digital thermometers compared to mercury thermometers when practicing the Symptothermal Method.

-The third world conference of the International Federation for Family Life Promotion (with 73 participating countries) honours Gilles Breault, Rita Breault, Raymond Doyle, and Marie-Paule Doyle for their special contribution to developing natural methods of birth control.


-Serena’s advising physician is invited to serve on the consulting committee of Family Health International (based in North Carolina) on Natural Family Planning.

-Dr. Parenteau presents a scientific study on cervical changes throughout the fertile and infertile phases of the menstrual cycle at the Third National and International Symposium on Natural Family Planning in Boston.


-Grant received for a retrospective scientific study on cervical position as a fertility marker.


-Participation in research on the return of fertility during breastfeeding, led simultaneously in England, Australia, and Quebec thanks to an American grant.

-Presentation by Dr. Parenteau on the results of a study of the correlation between changes in cervical position, cervical mucus, and basal body temperature throughout the menstrual cycle. 


-Dr. Parenteau participates in an international meeting of the 25 most world-renowned researchers on breastfeeding in Bellagio, Italy.


-Establishment of the Rita Henry-Breault and Gilles Breault Foundation to provide continued financial support for their life’s work: the development of natural approaches to birth control.


-Clinical study on the crystallization of saliva in relation to known fertility markers. 


-Rita Henry-Breault, co-founder of Serena along with her husband Gilles, receives a Canada Volunteer Award.


-Clinical study on saliva crystallization devices in comparison to other known fertility markers.


-Clinical study comparing digital thermometers with one decimal to those with two decimals for use with the Symptothermal Method.


-The City of Montreal (Lachine) honours Gilles and Rita Breault.

-The book La fécondité apprivoisée 1955 – 2005 (Mastering Fertility 1955-2005) is published.


-Dr. Parenteau collaborates on a webpage with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada concerning natural methods of birth control and the Symptothermal Method.


-Colloquium on natural approaches to fertility (link). Avances and expert advice for the health sector.


-Finalist in the contest Les Vivats offered by Loto Quebec for eco-friendly movements for the 2015 Colloquium.


-Publication of Dr. Parenteau’s book La fertilité apprivoisée (Mastering Fertility).